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GRP represents JLT International Network in India, thereby servicing all the global clients of JLT and its affiliated network, with a presence in India.

Global businesses require a global approach to risk protection. This can be a challenge where assets are internationally dispersed and growth is rapid. Usually insurance programs grow organically in response to the changing needs of the organization. Today’s Group Risk Manager must ensure that global insurance spend is efficient, local and global insurance programs are connected and provide an appropriate level of risk protection across all international businesses, and that the company is compliant with the myriad of constantly changing insurance regulations.

Questions such as the following become increasingly difficult to answer:

  • What local insurances do I have in place and how much do they cost?
  • What are the risks of non-compliance?
  • Am I aware of all local business activities and acquisitions?
  • What are the benefits of a global program?
  • Are there gaps or duplications between local and global programs?
  • Can I realize premium savings and coverage enhancements through program rationalization?


Sameer Rinwa

Director - Global Risk Group & Carrier Management, JLT Independent




JLT's Global Insurance Review enables a Risk Manager to begin answering these questions and take informed decisions using an auditable and transparent process. Depending upon the objective(s) – cost, control, compliance – one specific or several areas of global insurance purchase may be the focus for a project.

The list below provides examples of areas commonly reviewed by clients but is by no means exhaustive.

Local insurance programs on a country by country basis. This may include but is not limited to:

  • Class of business
  • Limit or sum insured
  • Insurer
  • Renewal date
  • Excess
  • Premium
  • Commission
  • Cancellation notice requirements and penalties

Local insurance gap analysis

  • Identifying gaps in limits and duplications in cover between global and local programs
  • Focusing on potential areas of non-compliance with local regulations and related insurance tax matters
  • Collection of local policy claims details; loss analysis to test local deductible levels (including against global program deductibles where appropriate)

Global policy gap analysis reviewing requirements on a country by country basis considering areas such as:

  • Admitted versus non-admitted policy requirements
  • Treatment of Difference in Conditions / Difference in Limits
  • Payment of local insurance taxes
  • Adherence to group insurance buying philosophy
  • Global review of local broker network identifying multiple appointments, broker costs and Commissions, and evaluating service levels
  • Details of local claims service providers including cost


Specialist Global Service Team

This is a team specializing in global insurance programs, service delivery and network management. They are familiar with the intricacies of worldwide protection and local insurance program requirements. As a team solely dedicated to this area of insurance, they are in touch with the ever-changing demands of local programs and can advise on the implications about global program structures, local customs, requirements and idiosyncrasies.

Global Insurance Review Output

The output from a Global Insurance Review is structured to fit our client's needs and budget. Typically this will include a report containing conclusions and recommendations, supported by schedules referencing the data gathered.

Depending upon the scope and objective of the project, a report might include:

  • Commentary and recommendations relating to existing global and local program structures, highlighting limit gaps, cover duplications and overlaps
  • Identification of potential local & global insurance non-compliance with local insurance requirements
  • Identification of potential savings in insurance premium spend through rationalization of global and local insurance buying
  • Summary of potential next step recommendations, as a platform for any phase two implementation discussions

A Global Insurance Review delivers a stock take of global insurance arrangements and can provide the following benefits to the Global Risk Manager: