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Agriculture and Government Initiatives(A&GI)

There is often a demand from insurers requiring help to analyze their Agricultural, Rural and Mass Health risk exposures and develop practical solutions that can be taken to reinsurance markets in India and abroad.

The focus at Agriculture and Government Initiatives Specialty (A&GI) is to provide specialized services to social & rural sector of general insurance business. The main objective is to provide end to end solutions for clients with respect to Crop Insurance, Livestock Insurance, Mass Health Insurance and other related social sector insurance schemes being implemented/supported by the government in India.

Our pioneering team has domain expertise and insight in this class of business. We are ideally placed to keep our clients ahead of the game in this growing segment of business.


Navin Sharma

Director - Agriculture, Aviation and Reinsurance, JLT Independent



Our services under this specialty consists of following major classes –

  • Crop Insurance and Reinsurance
  • Mass & Rural Health Insurance
  • Livestock Insurance (Cattle Insurance)
  • Other Social Sector Insurance Schemes

Crop Insurance and Reinsurance

Agriculture plays an important role in the world economy. It is one of the largest contributors to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In India, agriculture is the primary source of livelihood for about 58 per cent of country’s population. Gross Value Added by agriculture, forestry and fishing is estimated at Rs 17.67 trillion (US$ 274.23 billion) in FY18. However, the Indian agriculture is heavily dependent on the Monsoon season. Any deviation in the onset or departure of monsoons largely affects crops and their productivity - leaving farmers in the lurch. The unpredictability of monsoon still decides the fate of farmers across the country.

Crop Insurance is one such area which gained momentum in the contemporary scenario to combat this challenge and risks that Indian farmers are exposed too. This is considered as the best option to transfer the cost of potential losses due to disaster or emergency situations.

A crop insurance initiative launched by the Government of India, titled Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY) is a comprehensive scheme of insurance coverage against crop failures. With the launch of PMFBY scheme in 2016, the crop insurance segment witnessed huge growth in premium and demand for reinsurance capacity support also grew manifold.

Currently, Crop Insurance is the third highest grossing product in general Insurance Industry and expected to touch GWP of INR 400 billion by 2020-21. 3

What we do

  • Risk Management and advisory services to insurance and reinsurance companies
  • Loss cost calculation and Underwriting support on tender bidding to insurance companies
  • Reinsurance support by placement of Facultative and Treaty programmes with domestic as well as International Reinsurers
  • Crop Health watch and risk advisory during crop seasons

Mass & Rural Health Insurance

Healthcare has become one of India's fastest growing sectors both in terms of revenue & employment. As healthcare system witnessed this huge transition, the health insurance sector too gained strength in India especially in medium to high income group segment (on self-financing basis). However, the same is not the case with low income group & below poverty line population where the benefits of health insurance and health care remain out of reach for them. In the absence of any or adequate health insurance, this section of the population incurs substantial out-of-pocket expenses which can be mitigated only with adequate health coverage.

Going with the sentiments of masses the Government of India announced Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (AB-PMJAY) in 2018 which is being implemented across States and Union territories in India. The scheme aims to cover about 40% of the population of the country making to provide coverage to more than 10 million households living at and below poverty line.

What We Do

  • Risk consulting and advisory services to insurance and reinsurance companies
  • Underwriting and technical support on tender bidding to insurance companies
  • Reinsurance support by placement of Facultative and Treaty programmes with domestic as well as International Reinsurers
  • Risk and Portfolio management services to insurance companies
  • Other value-added services

Livestock Insurance

Livestock Insurance protects farmers from any unforeseen financial loss in the event of death of their animal(s) due to natural death and/or Permanent Total Disability. It promises to be a life saver by providing financial assistance when it is required the most. Livestock Sector is an important sector of national, especially rural economy. The supplemental income derived from rearing of livestock is a great source of support to the farmers facing uncertainties of crop production, apart from providing sustenance to poor and landless farmers.

The Livestock Insurance covers the persons having cows, bullocks or buffaloes of either sex certified as being in sound and perfect health and free from injury or disease by a veterinary doctor / surgeon and who are Members of Micro Finance Institutions, Non-Government Organizations, Government Sponsored Organizations and such affinity groups / institutions in rural and social sector. The insurance covers the farmers against death and permanent total disability of cattle.

What we do

  • Risk management consulting and end to end solution to protect against mortality and physical losses
  • Placement of Facultative and treaty programmes with domestic as well as International Reinsurers
  • Technical support for designing tailor made insurance solutions based on requirement of farmer groups, cooperatives/financial institutions etc.