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With the increasing global energy demand, the Oil and Gas industry has a wide range of challenges and opportunities across the upstream, midstream, downstream and oilfield services sectors. Indian companies have been breaking new frontiers in the field of exploration, refining, storage and transportation. Their scope of business has grown beyond the realms of domestic market and are fast becoming a key player on the global stage.

We help oil and gas companies understand their business risks and develop plans to manage or capitalize on them.

JLT’s Energy team has worked hard to become one of the leading service providers in the industry. Our client first focus, professionalism and work ethic places us at the forefront of the broking services industry.

JLT group has placed an annual premium of USD 1 Billion in global insurance markets, we have the largest energy team in the London market meaning we are significant trading partners with all the major energy markets worldwide, allowing us to leverage the market to secure the best deals we possibly can for the benefit of our clients.

Our team understands negotiates, designs, places and services tailor-made insurance and risk management solutions for the various exposures of a wide range of onshore and offshore energy clients in India.


Sameer Rinwa

Director - Global Risk Group & Carrier Management, JLT Independent



Key Services

Claims Management

We recognize that the ultimate test of any insurance product is the provision of a quality service in the event of a loss. Our energy claims team is a vital component of the service we offer.

What We Do

Our claims handlers possess all the technical expertise to be able to discuss complex loss scenarios at a highly technical level with you. Providing support and technical assistance on major claims such as:

  • Regular site visits to discuss claims circumstances in detail
  • Central management and control of claims submission and handling strategy
  • Early identification and advice on potential policy liability issues
  • Maximising our significant market leverage to secure optimum claims outcomes by tough discussion and negotiation
  • Co-ordination of recoveries of your insured losses.
  • Organisation, collection and analysis of claims data
  • Claim evaluation, preparation and presentation

Energy Risk Consulting & Risk Management

Our energy consulting team draws on JLT’s worldwide resources and experience. You will benefit from engagement with seasoned professionals with many years’ experience in the energy broking, underwriting, risk management, legal/compliance and engineering sectors.

What we do

Benchmarking: this exercise will indicate for you key metrics such as limits, deductibles and premiums of your peers so that you can make better informed decisions about what is right for your own unique risk profile

Retention analysis effective risk transfer for mature companies require ongoing reviews of metrics, such as your retention to optimise efficiency in risk financing

Wordings review: we will check there are no gaps in your wording to ensure you have the widest possible and most suitable coverage for your businesses’ needs. You will benefit from our bespoke developed enhancements

Programme reviews: your programme should be regularly stress tested to ensure it remains fit for purpose and future proofed including responses to claims and major change scenarios

Business interruption/supply chain reviews: we can advise you on the route to the most cost effective cover. Also we can help you check the integrity of your supply chain and help you strengthen it to reduce potential exposure to a loss in the future

Engineering services: Underwriters for downstream processing activities require sight of a comprehensive survey to commit to coverage. After engaging our engineers, you will receive advice on the current ranking of your site risks, evaluation of your peak exposures/ estimated maximum loss (EML) and possible risk management and risk reduction improvements

Lender’s insurance requirements advice: supporting your relationship with lenders by advising them on coverage efficiency and availability issues as well as adoption of lender required language in your policies

Distress claims handling/advocacy: our team can work with you to settle distressed claims that other brokers were not able to do. We will work with you to guide you through the processes involved

Global compliance advice: our global services team specialise in advising clients on how to comply with regulatory requirements in different countries.

Risk engineering services for the energy Industry

JLT provides risk engineering insurance services across the energy industry, from offshore and upstream, through downstream refining and petrochemicals, to midstream and LNG operations. This can be at the construction and operational phases.

What we do


From the design phase through construction, and into handover to the operational, we can work with you to report on the assets in place, any risk issues arising and how they are addressed and assist in developing appropriate risk reduction activities.

This is achieved initially by working with your project team, and then by conducting on-site surveys as the construction progresses. These can be at the main site but also can include fabrication yards at home and abroad.

The latter is necessary as many construction projects have specialist designs and cutting-edge equipment which can lead to complex supply chains reaching around the globe.

Delays occurring in these supply chains can detrimentally affect an energy project, therefore an experienced risk assessor to determining where vulnerabilities lie can be invaluable.


To enable you to prepare for the worst-case scenario, it is vital you understand your business interruption (BI) exposures.

We can work with you to produce BI calculations which focus on validating the potential interruption, and additional contingent BI loss from an asset protection perspective, whilst considering the impact of key suppliers and critical customers.

This process will enable you to understand the post loss recovery time from a major incident and support any preventive measures in place to reduce exposure but can also justify improvements.


Many of our clients operate in locations that are vulnerable to natural hazards including: earthquake, typhoon, windstorms, heatwaves and volcanic eruptions. Our specialists have considerable experience identifying natural hazards exposed to a site.

By working with insurance market and inhouse catastrophe models, as well as conducting on-site surveys, we can highlight where the main loss exposure is and recommend ways to manage these from an insurance perspective. Additionally we will calculate the maximum foreseeable loss (MFL) and estimated maximum loss (EML) exposures to validate our findings.

What we do

JLT provides energy insurance services and risk management solutions across the energy industry. Whether you need coverage for a nuclear plant, natural disasters or oil spills, our energy team will work with you to find the right solution for your energy project.

Our professionalism, work ethic, client first focus and enthusiasm places us at the forefront of the broking services industry.

All your risk needs can be catered for across the spectrum of energy industry sector activities and the corresponding insurance products including: construction risks, environmental damage, operational physical damage, cyber risk, business interruption / loss of production income, control of well and liability coverage.

Your placement negotiation will be backed up by the strength of our annual premium placed into global insurance markets representing 20-25% of the total energy market volume.

Wherever you are active we offer these covers across the entire spectrum of marine, upstream, midstream and downstream sectors of the energy industry, on a traditional basis or as a reinsurance of captives.

Our clients’ operations cover all aspects of the energy industry including:

  • Offshore and Onshore Operations
  • Construction and Decommissioning
  • Drilling, Well Servicing and Support Services
  • Refining and Petrochemicals
  • Oil Terminals, LNG Plants, Gas Processing Plants
  • Power Generation & Utilities
  • Renewable Energy


  • Physical Damage
  • Business Interruption / Loss of Production Income / Loss of Hire
  • Operators Extra Expense (Control of Well / Re-drilling / Pollution)
  • Third Party / Excess Liability
  • Protection and Indemnity
  • Charterers liability
  • Construction All Risks / Delay in Start-up
  • Offshore Decommissioning Risks
  • Terrorism / Political Violence


We would work with JLT’s global service team who specialise in multinational aspects of insurance programme management, coordinate global and local insurance service, and provide technical advice on local and global cover requirements such as compliance and regulation.

You also have access to the JLT International Network, one of the largest networks in the international insurance sector, operating across more than 135 countries. This includes a presence in the world’s major and fastest developing economies. Our team has a deep understanding of the culture, language, markets and legislation within all territories where we operate for you.

YES - together we will minimise your risks and optimise your insurance.

JLT has both inhouse risk engineers and can call on third party specialists who can carry out site surveys and loss prevention/control reports for all our energy clients’ needs. At policy inception, our plan will be how we can best service your needs to provide information for insurance purposes, and provide a value-added service to you.

This will look at the presentation of the sites, their relative risk and improvements (planned and potential), loss potentials over the cycle of insurance.

Our surveys will enhance your risk management of the business and also your risk profile in the insurance market.

You have additional layers of support ready and able to enhance your insurance coverage. In addition to the wordings resource and knowledge embedded in the account teams, we have a dedicated in-house team of wordings specialists based in the London office who will deliver improvements for you using their many years’ experience in all types of wordings.

You will be able to benefit from using their knowledge of the insurance market to undertake reviews, technical evaluations, stress testing, and comparisons, and you will we will suggest improvements in cover, language and format.

Yes, we produce energy quarterly newsletters. Keeping clients informed of key changes in the energy insurance market.